How many cubic meters of soil or mulch do you need?


Length m
Width   m
You need: cubic meters

Usually mulch is spread 5-10 cm thick.

In our calculator, it will be Depth between 0.05m and 0.1m.

1 cubic meter of mulch will cover 10-20 square meters of your garden soil.

1 trailer contains 0.7 cubic meters
1½ trailers contain 1.0 cubic meter

Standard Raised Garden Beds:

900mm x 900mm x 400mm will require 0.32 cubic meter (1/2 trailer or 25L bags x13 or 30L bags x 11)

2.2m x 1.3m x 0.4m will require 1.14 cubibic meters (~2 trailers or 25L bags x  46   or 30L bags x 38 )

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